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Discover the Power of Personal Growth for Collective Gain

CollectiveWorks believes that personal growth is the springboard for collective gain. Together we explore self, self in relationship to others and build diverse, inclusive, and collaborative teams. Your team members will:

  • Discover their authentic selves and reach their full potential
  • Value and embrace different perspectives
  • Realize a healthier, collaborative, and stronger organizational culture
  • Launch mission-driven success

The secret is out, and research has proven that creating and fostering diverse and inclusive cultures where individuals are seen, heard, and valued, leads to a more productive and successful organization. CollectiveWorks Consulting professional, Marcy Miller (she, her, hers), understands that people are better together.

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Organizations achieved mission-driven goals
Teams multiplied performance
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The Founder's Story

Marcy Miller is a nonprofit management consultant and the founder of CollectiveWorks Consulting. Her year as an exchange student living in Apartheid South Africa profoundly impacted and solidified her commitment to break down real and artificial barriers between and among people. Marcy believes we each have a unique story and something magnificent to offer.

With over 20 years in the nonprofit world, Marcy knows that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) catapult us to greater heights. She is a DEIB champion focused on leadership development and change management. She has been instrumental in helping organizations establish key partnerships, collaborative endeavors, and highly effective cross-functional teams.

Marcy facilitates exploration of self, enhances cultural awareness and competency, and assists in the transformation of your organization’s culture and growth trajectory. With her empathetic and spirited nature, along with her integrity and a willingness to laugh at herself, Marcy fosters personal growth and facilitates collective gain.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” - Hillel
“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” - Hillel

What People Are Saying


  • Certificate in Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Northwestern University
  • Certificate in Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health First Aid USA
  • Facilitator Certification, Open Studio Project
  • Certificate in Jewish Leadership and Change Management, Northwestern University and Spertus Institute

Volunteer Experience

  • Open Studio Project
  • Viator House of Hospitality
  • Children of Abraham Coalition
  • Institute for Therapy Through the Arts
  • Second Harvest Food Bank

Recognition & Awards

  • Contributions to the Community, Miami University President’s Award
  • Distinguished Service, The Commission on Jewish Education/Jewish Federation
  • Advisor of the Year, University of Hartford
  • Best in Show, Juried Art Exhibition, Rochester, NY
  • AFS Scholarship Recipient

Consulting Services

Options To Fit Your Needs

CollectiveWorks can equip your organization with the necessary tools and resources to create a high-performance culture.
Marcy Miller specializes in facilitating for success in leadership development and change management.


Explore and select the options below or Request Consultation to discuss the possibilities.

Nonprofit Management Solutions

Open Studio Experience Workshops

Customized Nonprofit Consultation

Nonprofit Management Solutions

CollectiveWorks helps your team identify and articulate your organization’s challenges and opportunities, and learn, ideate, and initiate action plans towards your organization’s mission-driven success.

Miller has developed and uses the KEEPERS Model, which addresses both the business and moral case for leading DEIB. Incorporating design thinking and other modalities, she leads organizational transformation. Marcy will work together with your team to identify and articulate your organization’s challenges and successes, learn, ideate, and initiate action plans towards your nonprofit’s mission-driven success.

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Open Studio Experience Workshops

CollectiveWorks engages your team members in interactive experiences that drive change and create great places to work. Explore the concepts of identity, implicit/unconscious bias, values, leadership, self-care, and more.

Marcy uses creative exercises in the visual arts to encourage self-reflection, promote active listening, facilitate courageous conversations, and stimulate a sense of belonging and cohesiveness among team members. This environment promotes authentic conversations and impactful experiences that lead to happier, more loyal, and productive individuals.

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Customized Nonprofit Consultation

CollectiveWorks assesses your organization’s immediate needs and works with your team to develop and implement an action plan that creates a highly functioning and profitable organization that delivers quality services.

Sometimes organizations can pinpoint specific areas that need to be strengthened. DEIB, board development, leadership training, communication, fundraising, and information systems are just a few of the many critical elements to a highly functioning organization.

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Benefits for Your Organization

Results We Can Produce Together

CollectiveWorks Consulting was founded to break down real and artificial barriers between people.
Together we can create responsible and profitable organizations in a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Increased Productivity & Results

Studies show that diverse and inclusive teams comprised of different perspectives lead to increased productivity and a better bottom line. It starts with leadership development and an organization that includes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as an integral part of its mission.

Valued & Happier Employees

The more respect and empathy you have for yourself and each other, the more content, collaborative, and productive you become. Through nonjudgmental workshops and team exercises, team members learn to appreciate their own identities, and trust and respect the beauty and uniqueness of others.

Stronger Teams

A sense of belonging leads to positive employee morale, camaraderie, and collaboration. CollectiveWorks guides team members to create meaningful and fun interactions – establishing affinity groups, opportunities to share their personal stories, platforms to exchange ideas, and safe and brave spaces to engage in courageous conversations. Employees learn about one another and build a supportive community, creating a healthy culture and great place to work!

Greater Sustainability & Civility

DEIB is vital to our ever-evolving organizations and society. Your diverse, socially responsible organization results in a stronger talent pipeline and healthier culture, and plays a critical role in producing a higher level of service, creating a more just community, and realizing sustainable mission-driven growth.

Invest in Your Organization's Future

Be Relevant for Future Generations!

Develop your leaders – Foster an environment of authenticity and trust – Promote DEIB and social responsibility

Ensure that your organization receives the resources, develops the strategies, and empowers its people to meet today’s challenges and thrive.

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